Humanizing the consumer experience.

Founded in 1978 as an environmental film company, Cole & Company has partnered with worldwide brands on everything from global product launches to lifesaving philanthropic endeavors, earning acclaim and industry accolades along the way.

Our commitment to developing programs that advance the well-being of our clients and the populations they serve is what sets us apart and keeps companies like Canon, Everbridge, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nikon, Samaritans, Skin Cancer Foundation, SolarWinds, Sundance and TE Connectivity coming back.

We believe marketing should be personal—that it should speak to the individual and allow the individual to speak back. Our three divisions, Cole Creative Solutions, Cole Creative Production | Paul's Place Edit and Road Tour Marketing, simplify the delivery of complex content. We help messages be understood and relevant. We spur dialogue that is ongoing. And we enable clients to connect directly, which translates to people relating to people.

At Cole & Company, we humanize the consumer experience—helping brands make more-personal connections in an increasingly virtual world. With expertise, creativity, passion and commitment, we have made our mark by making a difference.  

Where big ideas supported by solid strategy merge with flawless execution to deliver high value, productive marketing.

Comprehensive video production services that start with being an integral part of the Creative Team from the very beginning.

Personal Marketing doesn’t get any better than this. Engage customers and prospects on their terms, in a competitive free environment for as long as they want to.