Cole Creative Production and Post-Production



Cole Creative Video Productions attract talent. Individually selected artists are handpicked for each experience, with brilliant concepting, skilled direction, gifted lighting and audio artists, and superb camera work. The savvy audiences of today are taken by this distinctive touch and quality. From there, the real storytelling happens in post-production. Miles of raw footage and storyboards are just that, until they reach the hands of a master storyteller. The belief that anyone with a laptop can edit a video is as senseless as believing that anyone with a paintbrush can render Starry Night.


Cole Creative Video Reel

A peek inside our storytelling legacy

The Glass Bridge

This international corporate production for Gulf Bridge International, based in Doha, Qatar, tells the story of the genesis of a cutting-edge business enterprise by the GBI team as they faced a multitude of trials in the challenging Middle East political and physical environment. The film is a great example of a globally produced documentary with an engaging story and a production that encompasses challenging locations at sea, in the desert and on ocean shores.

On Paper

This piece features industry experts and influencers at a high level as they consider the future of the print industry and its relationship to digital media. Such a display elevates Canon USA to a thought leadership position by drawing attention their customer interests, their market and projections into the future. The Canon brand coupled with ideology and fact brings it all together.

Have you considered suicide?

This interactive ad is a prime example of the use of print with augmented reality and extends the way we can engage with prospects and customers. The poignant story of Meredith can only be fully absorbed with her voice and image.

Let’s have a conversation.

This Samaritans fundraising film was produced for a one-time event that helped raise over $300k. The young women in this piece showed tremendous bravery and openness in sharing their deepest private feelings with this audience. But the real victory is that collectively we saved lives. Suicides are down in Massachusetts, awareness is up and more people are having “the conversation.”