Cole Creative Solutions


Integrated marketing is not new. In fact, it was our mantra when we first hung a shingle. The challenge comes in transcending corporate silos to affect an integrated experience. By thinking and working cross-platform, we deliver solutions that are as considerate of the enterprise as they are compelling to the consumer.

Canon Stories


A story telling machine, this fully interactive book ties print to digital resources via an augmented reality app for richer information. Built as a tasteful spectacle piece for Canon, the book is produced on a Canon device and features content and visuals from each business division. This Cole-originated project exhibits an understanding of the client brand leading to quality storytelling.

The Sundance Campaign


The challenge was how to convert previous summer and business guests into winter bookings. This highly targeted direct mail with email and online components both captures the character of Sundance and capitalizes on previous buying behavior with Sundance — to create a 100% personalized campaign. The 15% initial response rate to the offer delighted the client while the piece generated continuing responses throughout the following year.

The Deadline


Sonopress, the movie and video game distribution giant, realized 100% recall among recipients of this direct mail campaign. Including a high profile poster, follow up cards and timely sales team contact, the 100% variable data and imagery focused on the individual recipient (beyond name/title/gender) with customized and relevant messaging.

There was $13 million in incremental revenue in the first month. And incidentally the campaign won the first DMA Echo Award for a personalized digitally produced campaign.



The Canon USA annual trade show represents a high profile brand with a requirement for integrated booth design, product video programs, innovative design configurations for new technology product, strong signage and tight messaging, including long term promotional deliverables (invite, follow-up emails, social media). This project demonstrates a successful integrated campaign on a large scale.

Breaking the Silence


Samaritans suicide prevention, intervention and postvention outreach work culminates in a grand fundraiser each spring, The Breakfast for Hope. Now in its 15th year, Cole retains dedication to the Samaritans cause with a fully integrated campaign from the strategy and development of the campaign theme to look and feel of logo, printed invitations, infographic, email signature and event program to the event video stories.

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